To Your Success!

It’s no coincidence that most my clients become close friends. After a practice visit or workshop, I often find myself sharing a meal and hearty laughs with new friends. These connections are a small indication of how I approach my work, and my life.

It’s about staying fully present to the needs of the group and the individual in order to recognize and develop the skills we each need unlock our true potential, and doing so with a pragmatic compassion.

I get immense joy in providing actionable steps for you to do great things. Seeing my clients and friends make a positive impact on the world and the people around them is what inspires my work each and every day.

Joan Unterschuetz

Facilitator /Speaker /Consultant

My Work

My specialty is integrating and sharing the best of what science has revealed about effective leadership, generative collaboration, and dynamic business systems.

I’ve developed simple and effective models and methods for implementing complex concepts. This empowers you to experience the benefits that come with personal and professional growth.

Over the decades, I have been impacted by countless numbers of people who have helped shape my vision of how to live a full and meaningful life. One of my most significant influences is Parker J. Palmer who said, “Let your life speak.” This phrase has consistently informed both my work and my life.

I’ve been a speaker, presenter, and facilitator for AADPA, The Pankey Institute, the Bob Barkley Foundation, numerous study clubs, and countless practices. Despite the recognition, it’s the success my clients experience personally as well as professionally that makes my work rewarding.  My work is complete when you have the tools to become a powerful catalyst for growth and positive change.

Where I Spend My Time

  • Leadership

  • Facilitation

  • Team Collaboration

  • Vision Implementation

  • Dentist Transitions

My Story

I grew up in Montana, and attended graduate school in Washington and Oregon. My husband Phillip and I have been married for over 40 years, and continue to look for opportunities for adventure and learning with friends and family.

My work in consulting began in 1984, when a pediatric dentist invited me to share my academic knowledge of human development and applied psychology. The dentist was interested in creating an emotionally safe and trusting environment for both children and parents during the dental visit. This challenge led to supporting the dentist and the team to strengthen their communication skills and deepen their understanding of child development and family systems.

A long time has passed since I began the conversation about bringing emotional safety to the workplace. Over the years my perspective about creating a collaborative workplace and, in-turn, highly successful businesses has been influenced by many sources. Through the years I have been dedicated to making life choices that are congruent with my values and supporting the growth and development of collaborative learning and leadership.

In my experience, collaborative leadership is one of the most powerful positive forces in the world. Feel free to call me at (509) 387-0396 to discuss the tools and mindsets you can use to achieve your vision of success!