Open Mindset

Learn into the challenges as you open to possibility.

Leadership Skills

Create a sustainable model for success.

Facilitation Skills

Increase your influence and deepen your relationships.

Positive Change

Drive towards your preferred future with new energy.

    • Gain a clearer sense of the challenges and opportunities ahead
    • Find clarity about where the leverage points are for change
    • Learn your individual strengths and your team’s strengths
    • Develop a clear view of a successful pathway ahead
    • Create an action plan with an effective timeline and milestones
    • Boost your energy for action and positive change
    • Develop strong and sustainable learning patterns
    • Design holistic solutions that work for you and your team


Most people have a theory about what is going well and what is not working.
I want to help you make it work, by opening up the opportunities and possibilities that bring positive growth and sustainable change.

Short Term Problem Solving

1-3 months of coaching

Short Term Problem Solving

A short coaching timeframe of 1-3 months is enough time to describe the whole situation, understand all the moving parts, and focus on what it will take to move forward.


Problem Solving Examples:

    • Hiring a new team member
    • Having a hard time with a team member
    • Team member transitions
    • Creating a short term action plan
    • Dealing with unexpected challenges
    • First steps of a practice transition
    • Health concerns

Each month of coaching includes:

    • 2 – 3 coaching calls
      two 1.5 hour or three 1 hour calls
    • Email follow-ups
    • Short in-between calls as needed
    • Team inclusion possible


    $2500 per month

Strategic Development & Leadership Skills

4-8 months of coaching

Strategic Development & Leadership Skills

The current research shows 6 months is an ideal timeframe for implementing change and this is why it’s a great time to try on new skills and patterns. There is substantial work and progress that can happen in 4-8 months.

Development and Skills Examples:

    • Creating and implementing a 3 – 5 year practice development plan
    • Creating a 1-2 year transition plan for the practice
    • Buying or selling a practice
    • Adding a new family member
    • Balancing work/family
    • Developing leadership skills to lead highly functioning teams
    • Creating more trusting relationships with team members and patients
    • Deepening and strengthening self-management skills

Each month of coaching includes:

    • 2 – 3 coaching calls
      two 1.5 hour or three 1 hour calls
    • Email follow-ups
    • Short in-between calls as needed
    • Team inclusion possible


    $2200 per month

Facilitation Skills

9-12 months of coaching

Facilitation Skills

This type of coaching is reserved for people who are ready to go deep. You could also think about this as a mentorship. We’ll have the time to find focus, practice facilitation skills, and with heightened awareness we’ll be able to shape your behavioral patterns and increase influence.

Benefits of Long-Term Coaching:

    • We’ll create more context so we can have faster insights and bigger developments
    • You’ll have a steady coach to deconstruct experiences like: “I know I missed something but I’m not sure what” or “I acted on an intuitive guess and it was effective, but I’m not sure why”
    • You’ll have a shortened learning trajectory — able to get instant feedback and pull from 30 years of experience, finding answers quicker than ever before
    • Presentation and Workshop help: I’ll share how to teach facilitation skills, how to structure a presentation that includes the group, and give input on how to design and enhance collaborative exercises

Each month of coaching includes:

    • 2 – 3 coaching calls
      two 1.5 hour or three 1 hour calls
    • Email follow-ups
    • Short in-between calls as needed


    $2000 per month

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More Coaching Details

What is most important to bring to a session?

To gain the most from coaching, it is helpful to bring a curiosity to want to learn more and more about yourself and how you influence others. It’s also helpful to have patience, and give yourself grace to realize that this is all a process that will take place over time. We’ll be looking into the long-view and developing a sustainable path along the way.

Coaching is especially effective if you are curious about learning more and more about who you are and how you influence. The energy for positive change is what will drive you towards the future.


How are the calls done?

We’ll make an agreement about when the call will happen, and who will call. We can arrange talk on the phone, via Skype, or via Facetime.


What is the time commitment?

We’ll have 2-3 calls per month (we’ll decide whether two 1.5 hour calls or three 1 hour calls works best).

In addition, if you want to get the absolute maximum from coaching, you may read recommended books, or practice what you’ve learned in between our calls. I don’t want to be intentionally vague about the time commitment, but really, the amount of time invested is up to you. The more you commit to learning more and more about yourself and developing skills, the more you will get out of coaching.


What if I picked 3-months and what to extend longer?

It is totally normal to start a short coaching plan and decide to extend it longer. Billing wise, if you sign up for 3 months of coaching and continue longer, months 4-8 will be charged at $2200. Similarly, if you continue 9+ months, these months will be billed at $2000.


What if I want to end coaching earlier than our original agreement?

If your priorities dramatically shift, then it’s likely the coaching plan will change too. We can always pause or stop the coaching session early with no extra fees. If you paid in full for the coaching session, we can pause the coaching and you can re-start later, or we can refund you for the remaining months.


How does billing work?

Most people prefer to pay the full cost up front versus paying monthly. For example if you signed up for 4 months of coaching the full cost is 4 months x $2,200 = $8,800. If you prefer a monthly payment plan that is totally fine.

Once we decide the length of coaching, you will be in one of the 3 pricing structures. For example, if we agreed on a 6-month coaching commitment, then each of those 6 months would be charged at the “4-8 month” rate of $2200 (or paid in full: $14,400).

Typically billing is done at the beginning of the month, but another day of the month can be accomodated.


What might a session look like?

For each coaching session I tend to talk for about 1/3 of the session. For most of the call I’ll be listening deeply to you, gaining a greater appreciation and understanding of the situation. Most likely I’ll be asking clarifying questions along the way. I may also offer a reframe, or share other opportunities or alternatives I am wondering about. At the end of the call we’ll ensure we heard to eachother, and we’ll focus on what we want to accomplish at our next meeting. We’ll also decide if there’s anything either of us would like to learn or practice before the next meeting.


Is there homework between meetings?

I do not assign specific “homework” between sessions. It is possible that there will be something either of us will want to learn or practice before our next meeting.


Can I share the calls with my team members?

If you’re working on a particular situation where it would be helpful to share the calls with other teammates, that can certainly be co-created in your plan. I have had coaching sessions where 2 out of 3 calls were with the dentist and 1 call was with another employee.

Executive coaching calls are specifically meant for helping growth and positive change and we can be creative about how that happens.


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