Study Clubs

Who: Small groups of Dentists, usually 6-10 that are self-organized or pre-arranged.
What: Designed to be long-term post-graduate learning organized around continuing learning about clinical dentistry. Joan comes by invitation to facilitate and help dentists be more effective in their communication with patients and their health and dental choices.
Where: All over North America and Europe
When: Usually 2-day meetings, at any time of the year

Dentist Transitions

Who: All of the doctors joining and leaving the practice are involved in the planning and the team is involved in the implementation.
What: There are three main steps, and Joan may be involved in one or all of them.

1. Creating a strategic plan in which their is a major shift in vision
2. Implementing the plan effectively and efficiently
3. Workshop designed with the theme of creating healthy transitions

Where: Both in-person and check-ups via phone with the dentist and team members
When: Chosen by the team


Vision Implementation

Who: Often starts with the dentist(s) envisioning a change and includes the entire team as they implement the vision.
What: It’s often difficult for one person within a practice to create lasting change. Joan’s team development and vision implementation work is intended for practices committed to personal growth and professional development but need guidance to achieve the success they are capable of.
Where: On-site and by phone – there is generally a substantial amount details and sequencing to think and work through
When: Chosen by the doctor and team

Custom Consultation

Who: A person or group of individuals interested in mastering communication, leadership, and facilitation skills.

What: Co-create an agenda that propels you (and your team) forward.

Leadership Training
Strategic Planning
Effective Communication

Where: In-person is always beneficial, but over the phone is also quite possible
When: Chosen by the doctor or team